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Pet Dental Hygiene


Dental care is always important for dogs, as dental disease can lead to pain and tooth loss that the dogs might not be able to enjoy their favorite chews and food after.

Furthermore, untreated infected teeth and gums will easily lead to damages to other organs and possibility of shorter life.


In order to keep your pet's teeth healthy, one of the best ways is to give them dental toys that allow them to enjoy the fun while cleaning their teeth.


Pet dental toys such as scented nylon chew bones are attractive for pets to play with, chew on and also brush their teeth with. It massages their gums and remove tartar build-ups while they chew on them anytime of the day. Different scents give the dogs different sensation, for example, there are fruity strawberry or the meaty steak.  

Meaty Steak


Three different sizes of different scented nylon chew bones are available from Percell Pet. Available for different sizes of dogs, mild chewer or powerful chewer.

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